Kassia Reed

Receptionist/Legal Assistant to Thomas L. Cooper
Phone: 425-259-5106
Email: kassia@newtonkight.com

Kassia has worked as a receptionist/legal assistant for 6 years.  She started her legal career volunteering at a local Everett legal firm during her last college quarter. After graduating with a medical receptionist certificate from Everett Community College, Kassia decided to continue working in the legal field by accepting a permanent position with the Everett legal firm she had volunteered for. The firm practiced law such as Labor and Industries claims and personal injury cases.  In June 2016, Kassia joined Newton Kight as a receptionist and a legal assistant for Thomas L. Cooper.

Kassia grew up in the Marysville area and is now raising her son next door to the house her parents have lived in since Kassia was only 1 year old. Kassia enjoys the quiet cul-de-sac watching the kids play and ride bikes just like she did as a child.  She also enjoys going to the lake, amusement parks, traveling and dancing.