There is a new Power of Attorney in Town…

...and is not a form you can download from the internet that may or may not work when you are in a coma and your trusted daughter is trying to access your bank accounts to pay your bills. A New Act. The new act adopted by our state the legislature provides the seasoned lawyer with better tools to fashion a document which will allow that daughter to keep your finances in order while you recover.  Better Than Internet Forms. Most forms we find on the internet are over written, largely because they try to be valid in 50 jurisdictions. Here we have a statute the bank or other third party can look to and see the power of attorney is drafted to … [Read more...]

Attorneys in Snohomish County

 Experienced- This term means our lawyers have witnessed the broad spectrum of the legal landscape each client brings to the table. Our lawyers advice may touch on other areas of the law the client may not recognize exist.  It also means we often times project likely results based on years of work in and out of courtrooms. With each client a touchstone of care includes the recognition what we do will impact the client and his or her family for years to come.  Because our lawyers are experienced, the quality of care each client receives at Newton Kight LLP is superior in the following fields; Guardianship, Elder Law, Wills and Trusts, Estate … [Read more...]